Euroconsult Nuevas Tecnologías is a member of the Euroconsult Group. It is an engineering firm that specialises in technological development and innovation in monitoring techniques applied to infrastructures.Euroconsult Nuevas Tecnologías was incorporated in 1990 to develop new quality control and acoustic analysis techniques. Since then it has produced highly innovative technological developments, some of which are unique in their fields.

The company operates in the following fields:.

  • Acoustic analysis of structures (buildings & civil work)
  • Acoustic analysis of road beds (highways, airport runways, railway track beds & dams) and deep foundations (piles & diaphragm walls).
  • Monitoring of signage, ground lighting & guard rails on roads.
  • Special tests for buildings, industry & civil work.
  • Information management systems.
  • Research, development & innovation (R&D&i).

Our technical resources include in-house developments and resources implemented on the domestic and European markets following adaptations and assessments.